System Surge Protection, Inc.

Achieving System Reliability

Our purpose is to ensure your systems and electronics up time with the best surge protection technology available.

About System Surge Protection

System Surge Protection, Inc., offers products and solutions for all your system surge protection requirements.

Today’s modern electronic equipment is much smaller, much faster, and much more susceptible to transient surge related problems. Current industry trends suggest that surge related failures are likely to increase as electronics become more sophisticated.

A reduction in equipment failure directly increases plant availability and indirectly improves the efficiency and availability of the maintenance team.

Application of Customized Surge Protection

System Surge Protection provides comprehensive and customized protection for all mains power, process control, network and communications, telecom, wireless and RF systems.

Our products and services are used extensively wherever electronic equipment requires protection. For more information, visit any of the four links below or see the Surge Product Overview.

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Located in the Greater Hamilton Toronto Area, System Surge Protection, Inc. serves clients around the globe.